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2019 Symposium on the Policy and Practice of Law Enforcement in Foreign Affairs

publish date : 2019-10-29

The Purpose of the Symposium:

With the frequent international exchanges, the role of foreign affairs police is increasingly significant. Foreign affairs police officers are not only foreign-related crime investigators but also police diplomats. Furthermore, the related research on foreign affairs police is gradually rising and flourishing. Thus, the Department of the Foreign Affairs Police will hold 2019 Symposium on “the Policy and Practice of Law Enforcement in Foreign Affairs”, in the hope of broadening and deepening the academic research on the field of foreign affairs police

Conference Date: Nov 19, 2019

Conference Venue: B3, World Police Museum, Central Police University, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Host: Department of Foreign Affairs Police, Central Police University

Online Registration: https://una186ster.typeform.com/to/EDyYsP

Contact: OOOOO +886-3-3282321 ext. 4301

We are looking forward to seeing you in the symposium!

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