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The primary mission of the foreign affairs police is to deal with matters and issues related to alien residents in Taiwan. Areas of service for the foreign affairs police include
1) investigation and management of affairs for illegal foreign workers and foreigners;
2) issues related to the accommodation and repatriation of illegal aliens;
3)deterence and prevention of transnational crimes .
In addition, the foreign affairs police are those who are in charge of protecting foreign population (including foreign nationals, people of the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao residents, and R.O.C. nationals without household registration in Taiwan), foreign embassies, consulates and representative offices in Taiwan, their officers’ safety as well as handling cases related with foreign affairs.
The purpose of establishing this unit aims to protect foreign population, to investigate their illegal activities, to enhance international cooperation and to promote international friendship. With frequent international exchanging activities, the trend of economic globalization, industrial internationalization, "Three Direct Links" between the two asides of the Taiwan Straits, and the trend of fast population movement, human trafficking such as sexual exploitation, and labor exploitation has posed a threat to public order. The current main tasks of foreign affairs police are to protect foreign population and actively crack down on human-trafficking. To accomplish these missions, the foreign affairs police must supervise collection and analysis of relevant information for the detection and investigation of illegal activities, as well as offer international assistance and cooperation in matters of law enforcement. These responsibilities cover some of the most complex and unique issues involved with police service for the government and the public. Hence, the Department of Foreign Affairs Police, established in 1978, offers the degree of Bachelor of Laws to recruit young men and women who hold a high school diploma with English proficiency. Our four-year curriculum stresses language development and knowledge of the laws and regulations needed for the handling of incidents or crimes involving foreign visitors, spouses, and laborers. We also train students to develop the abilities necessary to protect foreigners, enhance international cooperation, and promote international friendship. To meet the needs of increased professionalism, the department began offering Master of Science degrees in 2001. The goals of the undergraduate program : 1. Cultivating skills in solid leadership for foreign affairs police officers 2. Cultivating a high degree of competence and capability for foreign affairs police officers 3. Cultivating abilities useful for cadres involved with foreign labor management 4. Cultivating skills necessary for cadres responsible for border control 5. Encouraging and enhance academic research in the field of foreign affairs.

Distinguished Talk-Chen, Chun-shen

The Purpose of the Symposium:

With the frequent international exchanges, the role of foreign affairs police is increasingly significant. Foreign affairs police officers are not only foreign-related crime investigators but also police diplomats. Furthermore, the related ...