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Future Prospects

 In order to enhance the handling of foreigners’ entry and exit business as well as to understand fully the foreigners residing in our country, the future prospects are as follows:
1. To plan actively to develop a curriculum which is closely related to the police task and duties so that the students are well trained before they graduate.
2. to cultivate of recruit high standard faculty members in order to benefit our students
3. To integrate theories that are related to the curriculum of this department, so that we can provide the industrial world, the government and the academic world with theoretical basis and experience concerning police cases involving foreigners.
4. To study practical courses for the law enforcement of Foreign Affairs Police as well as to provide the police with the policies of foreigner management
5. To cooperate with domestic academic organizations that are related to our department, so that the student exchange program or on-the-job training can be established.
6. To cooperate with foreign academic organizations that are related to our department so as to conduct academic researches among nations; thus, our students can broaden their visions and mind.
7. to train the students to acquire the ability of handling international crime as well as the capacity of cooperation with Interpol.